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Re-creating Wealth for Sustainable Growth in Developing Nations

Did you know that you can access

Collateral without any collateral for your Business?

At Albatross Fund, our mandate is to Re-create Wealth For the Growth of businesses through the provision of collateral facilities towards clientele domiciled in different regions upon satisfying our funding requirements.



We have a global network of business development managers all over the world who are readily available to assist you.


We structure projects for clients and assist them in accessing finance via our correspondents and partners.


Our Asset Finance solutions cater for clients in Africa, South East Asia and South America. Our exclusive program allows clients to access finance in the form of a financial instrument (SBLC/LC) to specifically purchase Plant and Equipment and Solar Related products from our strategic partners.


Financial Instruments

Through our affiliates, correspondents and partners we support clients with accessing financial instruments such as StandBy Letters of Credit (SBLC) & Letters of Credit (LOC), Shipping Guarantees, Import Financing, performance bonds.

How can a Letter
of Credit help you?

Documentary letters of credit are common tools of trade finance used mostly in international trade, where the purchaser and seller have yet to establish a relationship and/or operate in different jurisdictions. This financial tool is commonly used to mitigate the risk of both the seller and buyer located in a different geographic location enabling trade between the parties to occur were the credit rating of the issuer stands in place of the credit worthiness of the buyer – giving the supplier greater comfort that he will be paid.

Another type of financial instrument is a Standby Letter of Credit also referred to as Bank Guarantee. Standby Letters of Credit are used in a wide range of commercial trade. They are similar to a Documentary Letter of Credit, only difference is they become operative if the applicant defaults on payment.


Factoring can be construed as Invoice Financing which is a way for businesses to borrow money based on amounts due from their customers. Through our corresponding  affiliates AHL (accredited members of (S.W.I.F.T)) SWIFT CODE: ANHDMH22, we are able to support prospective clients with “a form of asset-based lending that involves the purchase and collection of your accounts receivable.”

Invoice financing can solve problems associated with customers taking a long time to pay and difficulties obtaining other types of business credit.

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Swift Services


Through our corresponding  affiliates AHL (accredited members of (S.W.I.F.T)) SWIFT CODE: ANHDMH22 and exclusive corresponding banking relationships with almost 300 global banks, we are able to assist financial companies and institutions with routing/advising of swift messages towards the respective beneficiary. Learn more.

Wealth Management

Albatross Fund Flying High

We work hand in glove with Anametrics Holdings Ltd (DUNS: 854860414) and it’s subsidiary IBB Holdings (ISIN: MYU9304AA005) and  utilize their extensive expertise to facilitate the subscription of clients into various Wealth Management programs and Investment Portfolio’s.

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