About Us

Albatross Fund Flying High

Albatross Fund is a funding platform managed and organized by a professional team of dynamic, innovative, inventive and imaginative individuals committed towards being the lifeblood of your business.

Our focus is on Advisory & Consultancy services, Trade Finance, Private Equity, and Structured Finance. The platform’s mission is to “Re-create wealth for the growth of businesses” whose growth is constrained through the lack of funding or collateral.  Albatross Fund prides itself with having the right relationships with the right institutions including but not limited to Financial Institutions, Investment firms, Mutual Funds, Trust and Fiduciary Companies . As such, Albatross Fund is one of the few platforms that has direct access to large amounts of capital (USD 37 B+), and has the capability to work with companies at their highest strategic level, to help them expand and benefit from collateral-based facilities.

“An Albatross is bone, feathers, muscle, and the wind. A parent albatross may fly more than 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) to deliver one meal to its chick. Wielding the longest wings in nature—up to eleven and a half feet (3.5 meters)—albatrosses can glide hundreds of miles without flapping, crossing ocean basins, circumnavigating the globe.” (Courtesy of Carl Safina, National Geographic)
Our unique approach to funding relies on our platform much like an “Albatross”, which would never dream of daring the distances across oceans, if it were not for its wings. What differentiates Albatross Fund from other service providers is not just the architecture of how we provide our service towards clients but also our ability to operate effectively, efficiently and independently. At the same time Albatross Fund collaborates intensively with our global partners to establish creative innovative solutions for the clients whom we serve.

Our platform is a potential and resourceful source of creative innovative financing involving the use of our numerous facilities with numerous institutions. Our group has extensive expertise and experience in the financial services market with an impeccable track record internationally.

Alba Consolidated Group of Companies operating under the brand name, “Albatross Fund” is a partner of Anametrics Holdings Limited (SWIFT CODE: ANHDMH22). “Funds” utilized on this platform are administered through compliance which ensures all transactions are compliant and meet all regulatory requirements including but not limited to AML guidelines.