Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Community
Wherever we do business, our priority is to contribute positively to the communities that we serve.

Our Enviroment
We are determined to be a leader and an example to others in addressing the threat of climate change. We promote renewable energy initiatives through the Renewable Energy Franchise Network Franchise Program (R.E.F.N.P.P) an initiative that is biased towards the extensive transfer of renewable energy applications and technology in Developing Nations. R.E.F.N.P.P engages with local, and regional partners towards building, Solar Plants, Wind Farms, Waste to Energy Plants within African Regions. We pursue many practical activities which contribute to the overall reduction of carbon footprint. Become part of the Renewable Energy Franchise Community
How can renewable energy be extensively adopted in Developing Nations.

Our Marketplace

Wherever we work, our values come alive and underpin our passion to make a difference in any endeavour we take.