FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Standby Letters of Credit?

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a financial instrument  issued by a financial institution to guarantee payment on behalf of a client in the event of a default. Learn more from our Blog.

What are Letters of Credit?

Documentary letters of credit are common tools of trade finance used mostly in international trade, where the purchaser and seller have yet to establish a relationship and/or operate in different jurisdictions. This financial tool is commonly used to mitigate the risk of both the seller and buyer located in a different geographic location enabling trade between the parties to occur were the credit rating of the issuer stands in place of the credit worthiness of the buyer – giving the supplier greater comfort that he will be paid. Learn more from our Blog

Can a company access collateral without collateral?

Yes, Albatross Fund primary objective is to assist prospective client’s access collateral without collateral.

Can a startup company access a financial instrument (Standby Letter of Credit/Letter of Credit)?

Yes a startup company is able to access leased collateral in the form of a letter of credit or standby letter of credit if they satisfy the funding requirements .

Is Albatross Fund a legal entity and is it authorized by regulators to perform the services it provides?

Albatross Fund (Trademark pending) is a legal entity registered as Alba Consolidated Fund P/L (ZW) – Exchange Control license #: RQ179,

Alba Consolidated Resources PTY (RSA) – REG # K2017463650.

Albatross Consolidated Resources LTD (NIG) – REG # RC1248309.

Our affiliate; Anametrics Holdings Ltd (AHL) – Dunn & Bradstreet #: 854860414  is a holding company licensed and regulated in Marshall Islands.